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Published Aug 22, 21
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Leadership involves "someone else," even if they don't have to be direct reports or people who have a financial or social obligation to do what you tell them to do. There's always a , something that needs to get done. There's a goal at the end, and you and someone else are working together to achieve it.

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We've known for a long time that is the strongest driver of behavior. Getting people to do things (and having them go above and beyond) doesn't come from authority or power. It comes the ability to — to show them why something is important or meaningful and light a fire within them to contribute to that.

Here are what those balances look like: 1. Communicating top-down, but also bottom-up Leaders have to be. They have to talk to the people they're leading regularly and have a consistent message that resonates. This is what creates and between people. is also important when it comes to leadership. As Kate Pritchard, a consultant specialized in leadership management and employee engagement, told us, "To improve engagement, leaders need to demonstrate that they care about their employees, to listen to them, involve them, and respond to their views".

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Everyone wants to feel like they're contributing something, that they're not just a cog in the wheel or a robot taking orders. 📙 Related: Top 5 Communication Skills and How to Improve Them Leaders create the space for that kind of contribution and to accomplish that through upward feedback. They have the ability to make those people around them feel bigger and bolder.

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In an Entrepreneur article about the qualities of great leaders, she says, "communication is a balancing act. You might have a specific want or need, but it’s super-important to treat work as a collaboration. We always want people to tell us their thoughts and ideas — that’s why we have all these very talented people working with us." 2.

According to Roselinde Torres, "Great leaders are not head-down. They see around corners, shaping their future, not just reacting to it." 📙 Related: 5 Ways to Truly Connect with Your Employees There's a great Quartz article that talks about what makes a great leader, and they describe them with a few different terms: , , and.

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Risk-taking, but not reckless Because leaders have or some insight into how the world works, they're willing to make bets on that. In a TED talk by Rosalinde Torres, a leadership expert from the management consulting firm BCG, she talks about leadership in the 21st century as being defined by three questions, distilled from a study of 4,000 companies and her 25 years of experience.

Here's a quote from her TED@BCG talk: "Great leaders dare to be different. They don't just talk about risk-taking; they actually do it. And one of the leaders shared with me the fact that the most impactful development comes when you are able to build the emotional stamina to withstand people telling you that your new idea is naïve or reckless or just plain stupid." 4.

This is why many organizations today are engaging leadership in workplace communications, and making it an important part of their corporate communications strategy. Leaders should be the role models and continuously encourage others to live by the core company values and align with the ultimate business goals. 5. Building trust and transparency Building trust and driving transparency is one of the most important leadership characteristics.

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Instead of hiding information and leaving employees in the dark, a great leader should openly communicate about everything that is going on in their organization. By giving visibility to your followers, they will buy into your mission and vision, and they will support you with conviction in achieving the goal.

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6. Understanding multi-generational workplace Great leaders have a very good understanding of the generational differences among employees in their organizations. Yet, only strongly agree that their effectively. This shocking statistic shows that leaders have a long way to go in understanding, supporting and managing organizations with various generations. Research shows that leaders and managers are accountable for Therefore, one of the greatest characteristics of a great leader is the ability to motivate and empower employees no matter their age.

As explained by Jack Welch: “” Good leaders always have a clear vision and purpose. Outstanding leaders not only visualize the future, but they also know how to share their vision with their followers, and get their attention and alignment. In the workplace, setting and communicating a clear purpose, mission and vision are the most important .



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